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Concentrated pure mineral fertilizers. Chlorine free, because most plants are sensitive to it. Lawn is ready for winter after fertilizing. The grass gets more resitant to diseases and unfavourable growing conditions. Next spring lawn will turn into green earlier if it is applied with fertilizers in autumn.
Sprinkle fertilizers on lawn. It is recommended to water it if there is a possibility. Do not exceed recommended usage norms. Autumn fertilizers are applied from the middle of August.

DOSAGE NORMS kg/100 m2
Lawns 2,5-3,0
Use fertilizers according to the instructions and according to the purpose. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Keep closed in a dry place.
NPK fertilizers 3-11-20.

Nutrient contents as weight percentage %
Fosforo pentoksidas P2O5
tirpus neutraliame amonio citrate ir vandenyje 11,0
tirpus vandenyje 10,0
Kalio oksidas tirpus vandenyje K2O 22,0
Magnio oksidas MgO 2,0
Siera (S) 11,0
Siera (S) tirpi vandenyje 9,0
Boras B 0,01
Cinkas Zn 0,01
Manganas Mn 0,05
Geležis Fe 0,1
Varis Cu 0,01


Producer:Wilhelm Haug GmbH&Co.kg, Vertriebsbüro Düsseldorf: Heerdter Landstraße 199 • 40549 Düsseldorf • Deutschland
Importer: UAB „Baltic agro“, Ateities g. 10, Vilnius, Lietuva
Validity term is unlimited if stored in proper conditions.


2,5-3,0 kg/150m2

Packages: 4kg,15kg
  Sprinkle fertilizers on lawn It is recommended to water after fertilization
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